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City leadership leads to the majority of special materials new year to visit condolences

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New year new life. The deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the mayor Han Wei led the team to our company visited condolences. In the company's special material branch, Xu Wei Ming's chairman introduced the overall development of the company, the new year started replenishment, and special material branch.

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Subsequently, under the guidance of Chairman Xu, we also visited the construction site of special materials plant II project, and heard reports on the situation of project construction. Mayor behalf of the municipal government expressed condolences to the Chinese New Year cadres and workers, the majority of special material made of the results of the affirmative, the scene started to see the company, all production complex situation was pleased, he encouraged everyone to be in the new year make persistent efforts, then drum drive, continue to promote the development of high-quality companies, to make new contributions to the development of Hong Kong City, do contribute.

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Huang Xue Yuan City Committee Chairman, Municipal Committee, deputy director Bian East Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee, City Development and Reform Commission and other departments directly under the leadership of, and Phoenix town party secretary Wang Weimin, the mayor and other leaders accompanied the visit Tian Wenhua.

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