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Gathering expert thinking to help the majority of development

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Gathering expert thinking to help the majority of development
\"Materials + \" 2020 · material for harsh environments (Zhangjiagang) high summit, academicians and experts into my company

This morning, \"Materials + \" 2020 · Material (Zhangjiagang) for the harsh environment of high-end summit was held in Zhangjiagang Jiyang Lake Hotel. The forum given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department operational guidance, Industrial Technology Research Institute, the lead organization in Jiangsu Province, Key Laboratory of technical material prepared for the harsh environment and protection organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the majority of special Zhangjiagang materials and technologies specific contractors. Chairman of the forum held by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, ninth Central Committee alternate Ouyang Xiao-ping. Forum \"of new materials for harsh environment \" as the theme, focusing aerospace materials, marine engineering materials, new energy materials, nuclear materials and design, preparation and protection technology, materials science research, engineering and application problems.

Municipal Mayor Han Wei attended the opening ceremony, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Ouyang Xiao-ping, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Jie, Zhang Ze Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, TWAS Fellow Zou Zhigang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, TWAS Fellow cooled lithium, nearly a hundred academicians, experts gathered to jointly develop materials for harsh environments. I Municipal Committee, Municipal Government Deputy Mayor Bian East, Vice Mayor Lu Chong Min, director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information eagles Cao, Zhao Yu Secretary for Science and Technology Bureau, the town party secretary Wang Wenwei Phoenix, Phoenix town party secretary, mayor Wang Weimin attended the opening ceremony. Xu Weiming, chairman attended the signing event. Fellow participants of the afternoon, the majority of special material into the expert to visit the exchange, business development \"interrogation pulse \.\"

Picture 1

The main summit group photo

Picture 2

Wide poly excellence large timber innovation

Picture 3

Academician guest introduction

Picture 4

Xu Wei Ming's chairman participated in the joint key laboratory signing

Picture 5

Xu Wei Ming Chairman and Academician Guest

Picture 6

Chairman of Xu Wei Ming and the company's technical staff and academician experts

Picture 7

Ouyang Xiaoping academician guided speech

Picture 8

Zhang Ze's speech

Picture 9

The new material is a prerequisite for the high-quality development of manufacturing, which is the primary guide that gave birth to a strategic emerging industry. The majority of special materials provide further enhance the company's research and development capabilities in the fields of high temperature alloys and special metal materials, speed up the metal new material industry industry chain, to create a million-level landmark enterprise, and key laboratories with the material preparation and protection technology system for harsh environments Strengthen cooperation and build metallurgical new materials. Through this activity, it is strong to promote the high-quality development of our company's new material products, and the international first-class level is attached, and the development of the Hong Kong City will be a new job, and contribute!

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