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Implement the largest single intellectual property pledge financing in the province

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On the morning of the 4th, Zhangjiagang City 2020 \"Quality Month\" activity launching ceremony was held in the municipal employee style. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Han Wei, Vice Mayor Wang Songshi, Wang Yan, deputy director of Suzhou Market Supervision Bureau, Tian Wenhua, Secretary of the Municipal Market Supervision, Wang Sujia, Du Chuan, deputy director of the Municipal Government Office, and Municipal Quality Development Committee Participation leaders, representatives of the NPC, and the CPPCC members, and the corporate representatives, etc. participated in the launching ceremony.

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Awards of the Mayor Quality Award, Zhangjiagang City Mayor Quality Award were issued at the meeting. Feng Yue, deputy director of the Construction Bank Suzhou Branch, a comprehensive credit for our company's intellectual property pledge, and became the largest single intellectual property pledge financing in the history of our province. Wang Jie, Director of the Intellectual Property Office of Suzhou Market Supervision Bureau, purely issued a trademark-specific rights pledge registration certificate for our company.

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In 2019, the Committee of China Joint National Intellectual Property Office, the State Copyright Administration issued the\"Notice on Further Strengthening the Pledge of Intellectual Property Pledge\", the purpose is to crack the financing problem and help corporate innovation. Recently, under the guidance of the Municipal Supervision Bureau of Zhangjiagang City, in order to help the enterprise intellectual property pledge financing,\"the last kilometer\", through the establishment of policy system, improve service capacity, rich product supply, innovation mode, etc., and actively promote financial resources. Effective integration with intellectual property rights. Since this year, Zhangjiagang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has successfully achieved comprehensive credit by the company with the support of the construction bank.


The company used for the 3-class \"GD \" text and graphic trademarks used in pledge financing, and the company has branded, with the company's listing and strategic development needs, the company's core assets \"intellectual property \" is included in the bank pledge The scope of financing is to speed up the development of the company, so that \"know\" is turned into \"capital \", and the invisible asset is made into real gold, and the value of brand value is also realized. Through this intellectual premium pledge, it will provide strong support for our company's rapid development, we will also make a positive contribution to the city's economic and social high quality!

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