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Learning advanced experience to improve management capabilities The majority of special materials into Yamasaki Mazak China company learning investigation

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In the summer, the sun is like a fire, the majority of special materials management teams are 15 people, under the leadership of the company's chairman, Xu Wei Ming, far away from Yamazaki Mazak (China) company to study. The purpose of this study is to effectively enhance the management team of the company's management team, broaden their eyes, growth, and exchange learning from advanced enterprises' success practices and advanced experience, further improve and standardize the management of the company, to realize the company's\"three)\"The strategic goal is a good foundation.

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Yamazaki Mazak (MAZAK) company, is a world-renowned manufacturer of machine tools. Founded in 1919, mainly produces CNC lathes, turning and milling complex machining centers, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC laser system, FMS flexible manufacturing systems, CAD / CAM systems, CNC equipment and production support software. Products are renowned for their high speed, high accuracy is known in the industry, products in various industries machinery industry.

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Ningxia Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd., which is located in Pearl, Yinchuan, is the first high-precision CNC machine tool production base established in China. The president of Yansaki Mazak (China) is affected by the epidemic, and the special principal of the vice president, the deputy general manager of Ningxia Xiaogui Company, the leaders of the Jiqing Middle Company, receiving the exam group. The two sides have communicated in-depth communication with issues such as enterprise management experience, corporate culture, development direction, new product application, etc. During the company, the company accompanied the company's factory in the deputy director of Jiqing, and the pure handmade machine tool shown in the company's exhibition wall, Ji Zong introduced Yamazaki Mazak and the history of development in China. Full of the original party and the national leader and the local leaders visited Mazak Ningxia company pictures, the company received various honors; everyone watched the production process of the product in the workshop, witness the production site of the unmanned factory, black light factory, And deeply feel the advanced modern management model, first-class live management, efficient and orderly process system, advanced equipment, clean workshop, clean and comfortable working environment, young corporate team, and a row of pieces The busy scene of the locomotive is given us a deep impression and feels the strong vitality of the 100-year company.

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Through many years of exploration and practice, the small giant plant successfully introduced Mazak's advanced Mazak Ismart Factory intelligent factory building concept, on the basis of IOT information security, using high digital and visual production activities, using large data analysis improvement To realize cooperation between systems and promote the continuous self evolution of the factory. The two sides focus on the intelligent intelligence of the SPS management system, independent development of the SPS management system, DDE intelligent detection execution system, and listen to the company's smart workshop construction, information management, etc., Xu Director Chang also exchanges in the future two-way integration direction and requires request.

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After the end of the visit, everyone has a deep feeling, on-site visiting such a company with powerful innovation ability and international competitiveness, understanding his advanced management method and concept, greatly broaden the eyes. Everyone has said that it is necessary to take this event as an opportunity to strengthen learning, improve quality, and improve the awareness, development awareness, innovation awareness in the work, and use the essence of Qiang Mazak \"Little Giant \" to work Among the development of the company's development.

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