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Serious confidence in the direction and climbing new peaks

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On July 1st, he was a 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Xu Weiming, chairman of the company brings a special report of the company's economic situation and the company's future positioning for all managers.


In the case of the underlying economy, how can companies achieve breakout in the market competition Chairman Xu first concluded the current economic situation at home and abroad, and made detailed market analysis of the company's main product fields - new energy wind power (high sea wind power).

Immediately after the market analysis, Xu Chairman is adapted to the current situation to point out the company's manufacturer of high-end equipment advanced basic materials, and clarify the company's future development direction and product positioning. From the company's existing customers, equipment capabilities, technology innovation capabilities, have made detailed plans for corporate products and project construction. The company has opened up the production process of the whole industry, and enhances the market competitiveness of the enterprise by improving the added value of the product. Finally, the chairman of Xu asked the company to have a group of people, aggressive, and practically do their jobs, develop with the company, and climb new peaks.


Through the introduction of Xu Chairman, all managers visually recognize the opportunities and challenges faced by the current businesses, and more clearly determine the company's strategic objectives and advancement, and further strengthen the confidence of everyone.

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