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Yang Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Suzhou Development Reform Commission, went to the majority of special materials research

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On the morning of September 7, 2020, Yang Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Suzhou Development and Reform Commission, Zhu Bixifang, Director of Suzhou Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Director Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Director Suzhou Development and Reform Commission Wang Songwei et al. Such as Suzhou City Steel Industry Chain Work Project leaders to our company's investigation. Zhao Xueang, deputy director of Zhangjiagang City Industry and Information Bureau, deputy director of the Science and Technology Bureau, Zhu Chenyang, major project promotion, Director, Director, Director, Director, and Zhao Wenzhong, member of the Party Committee of Fenghuang Town, and Deng Min participate in the investigation. Deputy General Manager of the Company, General Engineer Gu Jincai accompanied the investigation.

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At the company's workshop, Yang Xiaofeng learned in detail the company's production, product structure, market, etc. \"We currently have stable production, in recent years, we continue to pioneering innovation, product structure and market around the industry high-end field, continuously enhance the development of enterprises, and promote high-quality development. \" Gu Jin only introduced special Development of high-end industries such as metal materials production. Yang Xiaofeng affirmed the result of the great achievements.

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At the symposium that subsequently held, Gu Jin only introduced the basic situation of the majority of special materials and the development and future planning of recent years. This year, the company has been affected by the company in the first half of the year by 10.7% year-on-year, but the achievement of profit increased by 33.7% year-on-year. This reduction is a centralized reflection of the company's steadily promoting \"14th Five-Year\" planning and promoting the upgrade of the product. Currently, the company's new energy wind power and rail transfers are full. He said that the development and achievements of the majority of special materials in recent years are inseparable from the support and concern of leaders at all levels. Especially in the company's project filing, Phoenix Town is actively coordinated and communicated, reform, and Industrial and telecommunications department have given projects. Construction, operational development is relatively smooth, providing a powerful guarantee for company scientific research production. Gu Jincai also communicated on the lack of high-end talents, corporate energy consumption, land indicators, business guidance, and other difficulties in the development of enterprises.

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Yang Xiaofeng said that in recent years, Suzhou and Zhangjiagang's business environment has been continuously optimized. Suzhou Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Technology Bureau, as opposed to enterprises, more closely supported enterprises. The majority of special materials have been surrounded by high quality development, continuous investment, and have achieved better results. Through this survey, we will combate the difficulties and recommendations of the enterprise to provide the relevant supporting policy, further optimize the city's steel new materials industry chain more Close cooperation, supporting industrial integration development, exploring more development opportunities, laying a solid foundation for the city's economic high quality development.

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