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Wind power equipment parts include large wind turbine spindle, structural parts of gearbox, hub, body frame, etc, which are mainly used for wind turbine equipment in wind farms. With the continuous implementation of carbon policies such as carbon emissions and carbon neutralization, the market scale of wind power equipment will keep expanding in the future. 
On the basis of existing products such as wind power spindle, hub, elbow, etc. Guangda will continuously develop the business of offshore wind power component and enrich product matrix. The output ranks the top in China.
Stainless steel refers to the kind of steel that does not rust in weakly corrosive medium such as atmosphere, steam and water, and its grades are complex. Special stainless steel is an important basic material for nuclear power equipment, marine petrochemical, gas turbine and other equipment. It is especially widely used in the field of nuclear power equipment and distributed in various components of nuclear power equipment. 
The technical level of Guangda special stainless steel has reached the international advanced level, and the import substitution of marine petrochemical products has been realized.
Guangda special alloy products include high temperature alloy, corrosion resistant alloy, ultra high strength steel, etc. High temperature alloy is mainly based on Fe, Ni and Co, which can work at high temperature above 600℃ and under certain stress for a long time. It has excellent capability of high temperature strength, good oxidation resistance, thermal corrosion resistance, fatigue and fracture toughness. Special alloy products have excellent tensile strength at high temperature, good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. 
The products are mainly used in aerospace, marine petrochemical, nuclear power, petrochemical, semiconductor chip equipment and so on.
Die and Tool Steel is mainly mainly divided into three major categories, which are Plastic Mold Steel, Hot work Tool Steel and Cold work Tool Steel. Plastic Mold Steel has the largest supply, and is widely used in automobile, home appliance, electronics and etc. Hot work Tool Steel is mainly used to manufacture die-casting mould, hot-extrusion mould, hot-stamping mould and hot-forging mould. Cold work Tool Steel is mainly used in precision stamping die, cold forging and bending die of automobile parts, etc. 
The hardness, intensity, abrasive resistance, toughness, and hardenability are all at the leading level in China, several kinds of high-end products reach the international stardand.
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